Staying involved with our customers and events across the Country allows us to be in-tune with the changes in technology and keeping our customers on and off the road. We support our customers and businesses who represent what Hard-n-Fast  stands for.

The name Hard-n-Fast and  HNF  have become synonymous in the quality of our products and is the staple in pushing your limits. Our apparel and products feature our trade marked name and image for your enjoyment!


Hard-n-Fast Racing Products, Inc.

HNF story


HNF employs high quality materials in our products such a Carbon Fiber, Billet Aluminum, Handmade Welded and Power Coated Steel. 


We spend the time and resources to take a concept and make it a reality. From 3D graphical modeling to 3D model printing. Before we produce a product we conceptually design it, build it, then beat it up and test it.

Born in 2006, we developed the original touch screen control system for EXTREME automotive use. As seen on a West Coast Custom build, magazine articles and custom car owners across the country. 

Our Products:

HNF concept to reality and producing quality.

Hard-n-Fast Racing Products, inc. HNF Touch Surface Relay Switching And Engine Monitoring Control Systems


  • HNF Relay Control Boards
  • Touch Sensitive Switching Panels
  • Multi Cable Accessories 
  • HNF Apparel

HNF today

NOW creating unique wiring and control relay systems from concept to reality and at a lower cost with ease of installation in mind. The flagship HNF RELAY BOARD and multiple; SAND, ROCK, WATER & STREET automotive applications.